If you’re looking for a positive environment then this place is for you

Great gym, awesome equipment, fantastic instruction

My new favorite place to be

Everyone welcomed me and took their time to make me feel comfortable

I did a 7 day trial and absolutely love it!

Kickboxing class was exactly what I was looking for

More than a martial arts / self defense school

After searching for a Jiu Jitsu school in CT for weeks I finally…

Best gym I’ve been to in my life

Friendly staff & members

Best MMA training facility I’ve ever stepped foot into

Great place to go train

I have visited this school many times and continue to visit it.…

This place has changed my life

I highly recommend checking out the Cage!

Everyone here is welcoming, friendly, and respectful

Thank you for exposing me to the life of a mixed martial artist

Great atmosphere and friendly vibes!

Love the change from the mundane gym routine

Top notch facility!

Love the change from the mundane gym routine

Love the change from the mundane gym routine. I've been training…

Best instructors anywhere

This place is awesome!

Great school with a fun atmosphere and world class training

Great school! Very welcome and challenging

I have learned well beyond what I thought I could

At least you’ve got Jits

In today's world where your ability to use some of your most…

Great place to train your body, mind, and spirit

Best gym I’ve ever been to

I absolutely fell in love with KJJ and BJJ

So having Evan tell me about your gym started bring back memories…

Great place to train and push yourself

The Cage JSA is a great place to train and push yourself.  The…

State of the Art Facility, World Class instruction

Love this gym!

The best gym in Connecticut

Discovered a life passion

I have been working out for a while, typical bodybuilding type…

This place is great!

Great place to train and get a good workout

Great place to train

Very impressed with the teaching staff

Excellent workout for people of varying fitness levels

Instruction is Amazing!

One of the best places in New England to train

There’s a lot of good energy in here

Great place

Awesome place to train

Great family-friendly place

I love this place!

Better yourself both mentally and physically

Upon looking for an alternative workout to the regular gym routine,…

Check this place out

Great place to get toned!

Friendly, knowledgeable staff

I have been going for over a year

Best place in New England

Absolutely one of the best places in New England to train Brazilian…

This is the best gym I’ve ever been to!

Great gym.

Not your average gym

The best gym I have ever been to by far

Fun and friendly atmosphere

My body has transformed completely

I never thought that physical training would become a lifestyle…

Recently signed up and I love it

Best gym, best instructors

Awesome place for so many disciplines

This is a fantastic fitness center

Best facility in CT

30/30 conditioning is the best

The instruction and training are second to none!

Most elite gym & martial arts facility in CT

It’s great to try out something NEW!

Best gym I’ve ever been to!

What I got was much more than what I expected

Best MMA gym in the state

Best trainers and outstanding facility

Everyone here is very welcoming, friendly and respectful

After relocating and changing jobs, I found myself looking for…