Wow – Thank you!

It’s not very often in life where we are completely “WOWED”. Our Grand Opening Event and Your Incredible Support have completely WOWED us.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…. Seriously THANK YOU.
Yesterday, we were going through the results of the Grand Opening and reviewing all the money we raised for charity… almost 10k (before expenses), and thought that we were truly blessed to have clients and friends like you.
So we said “What can we do to show appreciation to them?” … And thought, “Why not extend our Grand Opening Specials?”
Pat said “No way – it’s too much of a discount – we’ll go broke!!”
But I said… being the voice of reason :)… “No way to YOU Pat… our clients and friends DESERVE it!”
The TRUE Voice of reason – Tracey – agreed with me and so EVERYONE’s getting a discount! LOL!
FYI – that’s not how it went down, I’m just trying to be the “cool” owner :)
So – here’s what we’re doing to continue our Grand Opening Specials and give you an opportunity to save a ton on your membership or get some sweet training gear!
== Grand Opening Specials ==
Special 1: 3-months of BJJ and TRITAC Combat MMA Training for $299. Get a structured learning approach for learning BJJ and/or TRITAC. Perfect for beginners or existing clients. Save over $115
Special 2: 3-Months of Fitness Classes for $99 – Get access to over 70 classes a week! Cardio Kickboxing, Bootcamps, Spin, Yoga and more!
Special 3: Jumpstart! Personal Training Package for $99 – get 3 personal training sessions, fitness assessment and diet coaching for $99
Special 4: BJJ and/or TRITAC Personal Training Package for $199 – get 3 martial arts personal training lessons from Matt Bryers or Moreno for only $199.
Special 5: JSA / Soul Fighters Team Gi and White Belt for $99. Normally $165…. It’s a freaking steal at this cost.
Special 6: TRITAC MMA Gear Package for $99. Normally $159. MMA Gloves, Boxing Gloves, Elbow Pads and Focus Mitts.
That’s a ton of top of specials…
Go here right now and claim your specials before we end the sale (March 31st)
Talk soon,
Matt Bryers
P.S. This special sale ends at midnight on Saturday, March 31. If you’d like to save huge on your membership and gear, then go here now:

Photos from The Cage JSA Grand Opening Event

Our Grand Opening Event was a HUGE success! Thank you to everyone who showed up, gave donations, participated in the fitness challenge, the basket raffle, TRITAC Combatives class, women’s self-defense, capoeira demonstration, and of course, the after party! With your help we raised over $10,000 for three local charities: Youth Excellence Project, New Horizons, and Dog Star Rescue. Special thanks to all our sponsors, vendors, instructors, staff, and of course our amazing members! We’re incredibly grateful for your support! This is only the beginning!

If you’re interested in what we’re up to and haven’t yet joined The Cage JSA tribe, give us a call at (860) 740-4132 or try 1 week free!

Photos courtesy of Peter Oberc

The Cage Jiu-Jitsu Strength Academy Grand Opening Event

The CAGE Jiu-Jitsu Strength Academy is VERY excited to announce our official Grand Opening Date on March 3rd 2018!!!!

We’ve been officially open for over a month now with a full-schedule of classes – but we can’t be OFFICIALLY open without a HUGE day full of activities, events, and of course a big party after!

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