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10 Reasons Why You Should Learn Jiu-Jitsu

Why should you learn Jiu-Jitsu? Jiu-Jitsu is one of the fastest growing and one of the most popular martial arts. But… is it for you? Here are the top 10 reasons why you should learn Jiu-Jitsu. — 1.) Jiu-Jitsu is one of the most effective, realistic fighting systems… EVER. If you are looking for a […]


June 25th – September 3rd Tuesdays 4pm – 5:15pm Saturdays 8-9am $200 or $10 drop in The Cage JSA Summer wrestling clinic is an opportunity for local wrestlers to continue to train in the offseason at an affordable rate.   The design of the camp sessions will consist of technique sessions in the first half, with live/competition […]


Next session of Operation Get Lean will be starting May 15th.  Information Meeting will be held on May 10th at 7:00 pm. Last winner lost over 17 inches and 15 pounds during the 8 week program. For more information please see the front desk or contact Melissa at mel@ctcage.com.


Bring your friends!  $20 for 20 spins in the month of May! Current members will receive free Cage JSA swag when they refer a friend to “ 20 for 20”.  If they decide to join in June (with a one-year membership), $20 will be deducted from their first month of membership fees.  And you will […]

Wow – Thank you!

It’s not very often in life where we are completely “WOWED”. Our Grand Opening Event and Your Incredible Support have completely WOWED us. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…. Seriously THANK YOU. Yesterday, we were going through the results of the Grand Opening and reviewing all the money we raised for charity… almost 10k (before expenses), […]

Photos from The Cage JSA Grand Opening Event

Our Grand Opening Event was a HUGE success! Thank you to everyone who showed up, gave donations, participated in the fitness challenge, the basket raffle, TRITAC Combatives class, women’s self-defense, capoeira demonstration, and of course, the after party! With your help we raised over $10,000 for three local charities: Youth Excellence Project, New Horizons, and […]

The Cage Jiu-Jitsu Strength Academy Grand Opening Event

The CAGE Jiu-Jitsu Strength Academy is VERY excited to announce our official Grand Opening Date on March 3rd 2018!!!! We’ve been officially open for over a month now with a full-schedule of classes – but we can’t be OFFICIALLY open without a HUGE day full of activities, events, and of course a big party after! […]

Great place to train and push yourself

The JSA is a great place to train and push yourself.  The trainers there  are very helpful and actually know what you are talking about unlike other trainers at your typical gym. I’ve learnt alot there so far and I have gotten stronger. Ii enjoy going there because everyone is friendly and you don’t have […]

Discovered a life passion

I have been working out for a while, typical bodybuilding type of training, and then discovered the JSA as a recommendation from a friend. The JSA literally changed my life.  I now consider myself a strength athlete.  I have competed in strongman competitions, gotten SO much more stronger than I could have on my own, […]