Kristin Longenecker

Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

Growing up, exercise and nutrition were the absolute last things on Kristin’s mind. Exercising seemed more like a form of torture than an enjoyable activity. It’s hard to pinpoint how, why or exactly when it happened, but after spending many boring hours on elliptical machines, she decided to take a group fitness class. At first it was difficult to keep up, but she stayed motivated by trying different classes. The first times that she sat on a spin bike and stepped onto a yoga mat, something clicked and she was hooked.

Years later while taking a spin class at The Cage, Kristin decided that she was going to get certified in Spinning and did so through Mad Dogg in 2015. After teaching for a year, she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a yoga instructor. She became certified by Balance Yoga NJ in 2016 and has been teaching ever since. She finds it so fulfilling to see people become more confident and comfortable in their own skin as a result of finding joyful movement in these classes. Although she takes fitness and healthy eating seriously, she tries to bring a sense of humor and fun into every class that she teaches.