5 Solo Grappling Movements & Workout

March 25, 2020by Matt Bryers0

Here are 5 very, very important movements of Grappling along with a workout flow to help develop these movements.

The 5 Grappling Movements You Will Develop:

  • Double Leg Takedown.
  • Guard Recovery #1
  • S-Leg Movement
  • Happy Baby Defense
  • Technical Stand-up

Solo Grappling Workout Routine:

Part 1 of 3: Explore

Get a timer, and put 3 minutes on, with a 1 minute rest.

For 3 minutes, explore each of these movements.  Rest only as needed.  This is not a challenge.  This is a chance for you to see where you are at, and learn something new.

  1. Double Leg Takedown.
  2. Guard Recovery #1
  3. S-Leg Movement
  4. Happy Baby Defense
  5. Technical Stand-up

Total Time: 15 Minutes

Part 2 of 3: Challenge

Goal: Perform the whole flow right leg and left leg lead for 5 minutes.  Rest as needed.  See how many rounds you can get.  Repeat 2x

Total Time: 10 Minutes

Part 3 of 3: Study & Reflect

Use the time after to study the movements, see them used in matches and see how others apply.  Below are some video resources.


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