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Are you tired of spending time at the gym and never getting the results you want?
Learn the proper technique under the trained eye of a coach!

The Cage JSA has a huge assortment of professionally instructed classes that are never boring, so you'll finally be excited to get to the gym!
A few words from our Fitness Instructor, Melissa Lawler
The Cage JSA Class Schedule
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Whether your goal is flatter abs, more defined arms, or a nicer butt - we have a class for you! Our fitness classes are designed to get you results in a fast and fun way!

Results-Matter Fitness

Our Results-Matter Fitness Classes are HIGH INTENSITY Workout Classes designed for you to burn fat, build strength & muscle, and feel incredible after!

Cardio Kickboxing

High intensity strength, conditioning, and striking. This class never stops from the moment you walk in. You will leave thoroughly spent and feeling great!

Personalized Strength

Strength is earned. True strength is developed through a process of learning, training, and improvement. Our experienced coaches train you the right way to results.

Spin Class

Push yourself to your limits with a group of people on the same mission. Sprint hills, traverse mountain passes, ease through meadows; all without traveling anywhere.


Get in touch with your spirit while getting stronger and more flexible. Forget about everything in your life and just focus your mind on moving your body.

Strong(wo)man  Training

Strong(wo)man training is some of the hardest around. Learn to move objects you never knew you could. Get back to your primal roots lifting stones, logs, and other unwieldy implements.
Don't just take our word for it... here's what our customers have to say about training at the cage jsa!
"Recently signed up and I love it. A lot of different classes to pick from, and flexible times for anyone’s schedule. Great atmosphere."
- Nicole K.
"This place is awesome! Great family atmosphere and the best instructors."
- Mario D.
"The best gym I have ever been to by far. The trainers are amazing and super friendly and motivating. There are so many different classes that can appeal to anyone and I see results faster here than any other gym. I highly recommended to anyone in Connecticut!"
- Cali S.
"Great place to train and get a good workout. The instructors are all cool and work with you one on one if needed. Make sure to stop by and check the place out I'm sure you'll love it."
- Jophy N.
Don't wait any longer, get results today.
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